iStream | Streaming, Film production, events
We are a provider of videomarketing and live streaming services to conferences all over Europe.
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Cooperative from A to Z

We assist our clients every step of the way: from choosing the right solution, throughout the preparation process and  all the way to a fully supported production. We stay focused and try to infuse every event and production with a bit of innovativeness. We make sure to solve the problems of both conference organizers and participants before they have a chance to happen.

Why you can depend on us?

Since 2007 we have been gaining experience and knowledge about video production and event organization. The solutions we implement are tried and true, tested during all the events and productions we’ve worked on so far. We are aware that, in our field, every product has to be truly unique in order to stand out. Our main focus is to combine the solid background we have with new,  unconventional ideas.

This means that each production and event is special to us, and we do all we can to make it just as special to all its participants.

the Core of our company

iStream’s history starts with online streaming – it’s the basis on which we built the company, and it’s our specialization to this day. Throughout the years we’ve improved our live streaming techniques and, created original solutions, which meet the emerging needs of our clients.

Each production has its quirks and has to be approached individually. Our job is to recognize these quirks and adapt our solutions to them. This way we can meet our client’s requirements and maximize their benefits.

What we do best

After so many years of work and learning, we’ve come we know one thing: the sky is the limit.

Live broadcast

While adjusting to the client's workplace conditions, we offer full support and advice on the live stream's program and schedule.


Besides our skills, we offer the space. Over 100 square meters ready to be remade into the perfect setting for your ideas.

Event production

We provide full event organization services. We equip you with all the essential conference materials and act as technical support.


We make online streaming efficient and easy to use. We help choose the best support tools and solutions, and focus on making the live stream highly responsive.


We create complete marketing campaigns: from script writing through production to promotion itself.

Event management

We'll help you define and find your target audience, manage the emotional response during the event and make the meeting or conference run smoothly and efficiently.

Online streaming tips

We're happy to share what we've learned. We can show you which solutins to use and how to increase the number of your live stream's viewers.

Filmmaking management

We assist our clients in planning their productions. We oversee the budget to prevent overspending and improve the production process to make it more efficient.

Event mentoring

We provide consultation on event organization and program planning. We'll tell you how to avoid any unpleasant surprises that sometimes crop out during an event

latest success stories

We know that the success of our customers is our own and therefore we put our heart and soul In every project. We approach each challenge individually, looking for new solutions to the problems of our customers. Here are some of our latest success stories.


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