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During an event you need to be prepared for anything…

Spare batteries

…especially for microphone batteries to run flat.

Issues begin when you have to go out and buy new ones in the middle of somebody’s speech.

To prevent that from happening make sure that the tech crew has spare batteries and that the person responsible for the prolocutors knows about it.

Plan B

The main plan is always as strong as plan B is. Ask the crew if they have backup equipment, which methods they are going to implement and what they are going to do in case of complications.

Insist on them delegating one person that will inform you if anything goes wrong.

Cooperation between techs

It often happens that your techs come from different companies or are independent contractors.

Make sure there is no confusion between them regarding responsibilities.

Unsolved arguments may lead to problems occurring during the event. Prevention is better than cure.

Contact points

Designate people to be contacted regarding specific matters and let your event crew know who that is. Having your questions answered by a competent person allows the event to go on without any unnecessary interruptions.

Always a tech in the room

Ask the tech crew to set a rule: always a tech in the room. Regardless of any breaks, it is good to have a tech watching over the whole event. The list of things that might go wrong, even during an interval, is endless. Therefore a tech might come in handy.

Diverse microphones

Different kind of microphone for each application. One person will prefer a hand-held one, the other a headset (like programmers). Urge the tech crew to be prepared.

Laptop adapters

It’s common for speakers to show up with their laptops, on which they have their presentations. It becomes problematic, when the crew is not prepared to, for example, connect an Apple device or a tablet using HDMI. These simple details may easily slip your mind.

Remind your technicians about adapters.

Choosing a location

There are details that an organizer will not pay attention to, but a tech will. Those details may be essential when it comes to equipment logistics and costs. For that reason ask a tech crew representative to be present while searching for a venue, to take a look at the place and ask the owner crucial questions.

Work script

In order to keep everybody up to date, make an event script with techs, which will include the places, the people and the actions being performed at a specific time. This will prevent responsibility related misunderstandings.

Does anything raise your concerns?

That’s a question you should ask the tech crew constantly. Remember, tech crews usually have a lot of experience with events. They may see some complications coming their way, i.e equipment failure or schedule clashes. They may also have some remarks on what can be improved or needs to be changed regarding event’s organization. Their advice may often improve efficiency or help solve a tough issue.

As an organizer you are always on the run, and this may cause your crew’s unwillingness to confront you. Nonetheless it is your job to make them see you and know they can always reach out to you.

Joanna Udzik