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There are some things that can easily be omitted while organizing an event. They are all associated with attending to your participants needs outside of the event itself.

Taxi discount

Event attendees are often new to the city or even the country it is held in. Therefore, they will most probably get a taxi to move around. There’s going to be a lot of taxi rides – from a hotel to the event, to a dinner, to the airport or train station. Contact local taxi corporations to get discounts for the participants. You can also pick one of them as an official partner of the event. It’s a great promotion for the company itself – anyone revisiting a town or a location will have that taxi in mind.

Together with that a logical thing is to have a system of non-cash rides for the event’s important figures, like coordinators, speakers etc.

Accommodation rebate

Events (as we all know) are not always held in hotels, where it’s easy for attendees to book a room or for the organizer to provide it for them. Hence, if your venue does not offer accommodation, it’s important to find one as close to the event as possible.

It is always helpful to make it one place that is entirely available. Having all your attendants in the same quarters is always a good networking opportunity. It shouldn’t be difficult to obtain a special discount for the participants, as there will be more than a couple of them.

Food courts and coffee shops

Besides obvious reasons regarding the event itself, people participate in it to make new business connections. To ensure that your participants have a comfortable place for business conversations, you should provide a few  secluded locations. Having that in mind set up a cooperation with coffee shops and restaurants nearby. Depending on the kind of the event, choose them accordingly. You can offer to advertise those places at your event in exchange for a discount (i.e. given once an identity card is shown).

Post-event activity

A lot of people coming to your event will also be interested in sightseeing and getting to know the country (if they’re from abroad) or experiencing the town’s night life. To be prepared for those instances, aside from taxi rides, you should have public transport information and maps ready. Try and find a tourist information centre and ask them for leaflets.

Additionally you can have stickers with your logotype put on the maps, marking the place of the event and parking areas.

Make a lists of a few or pubs worth visiting. Moreover, brief attendees on how the town or country works, what’s allowed, what’s not, anything they should be aware of. For example, you are allowed to drink beer in public in Denmark, while in Germany it is forbidden.


Set up an event’s special phone number and make it available 24 hours a day. It applies to any big event.

It would be best, if you had two of them: the first one for important figures, the second one for the participants. Keep in mind that a person answering the phone should be able to speak in a language known to the caller. One phone conversation could spare someone a few hours of wandering about or generating unnecessary costs.

I can assure you, that everyone will appreciate you looking after them even outside the venue. Some of them might actually be grateful for keeping them out of trouble. Plus getting your attendees emotionally attached to the event is the first step to success.

Joanna Udzik