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We provide on-line live broadcasts, event managment and film production for the business sector in Europe and beyond.
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Videomarketing as a commerce lever

It is said that one picture is worth more than a thousand words.


Have you ever wondered whether you’d remember the same content advertising placed in plain text in the same way as if it was shown in a video? Did you notice the importance of the form in which you give information to your customers in the era of modern media?

If so, let us help you choose a solution that would easily facilitate rapid and interesting communication with your customers. We focus on advising how to create a customized message which, with making better use of multimedia platforms and social networking sites, will effectively engage your audience. Highlight your brand and increase sales due to remarkable presentation of your services and get interest the audience by presenting your offer in a creative way.

Videomarketing is now more than just the occasional corporate promotional video. It is an important part of company’s communication strategy.

Still not convinced?

Remind yourself how many times you opened your mailbox, your first instinct being to delete the countless boring messages containing newsletters and offers business … and ask yourself whether your customers react similarly?

Than change your form of advertising and make an interesting  product advertising video or a viral movie! Create a channel promoting your business, or create a training video for your employees to build your image as an expert in the industry.

Have you ever wondered why opinion-portals (reviews and product recommendation ones) developed so much in recent years?  It happened because people are searching for reliable investments and are relying on the opinions of other users. This type of information though are usually boring articles or one-sided comments that say little about your company and its offer.

To  increase the credibility of your brand use video testimonials and build trust among your customers, responding to comments to your footage.

How to promote videos?

However and wherever you want! They can be shown on laptops, smartphones, tablets, during business meetings or conferences, in any format and language, anywhere in the world. Contact us and let us help you choose the best solution for your company.

Make sure that whatever choice you make, we’ll put a whole heart in the project and will implement professionally. High quality you’ll receive will allow you to quickly fill your objectives.