iStream | Live streaming – service description
We provide on-line live broadcasts, event managment and film production for the business sector in Europe and beyond.
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Live broadcast

In the West increasingly popular, in Poland – still underestimated. Live streaming – what makes it special?

Modern communication channel

Primarily powerful possibilities in relation to prices. Organizing a scientific, sport or culture event – this channel of promotion is worth considering.

Thanks to the possibility of placing the live stream player on any number of websites, including social media sites, you can get a big audience. There are no territorial or time restrictions and you get a ‘TV’ picture quality for a significantly lower price than in the case of live broadcast on TV.

Online live stream also gives the opportunity to actively participate in the event – asking questions or exchanging opinions with experts on the other side of the screen.

Innovative promotion

For event organizers a live stream is a great opportunity to promote and acquire information about customer (through giving access by the registration form, where users provide personal data). Thanks to the broadcast’s statistics it is also easy to measure actual viewership, which translates into scalability of the stream. The great advantage is the additional revenue that can be obtained from advertising event’s sponsors and partners.

How to encourage this form of advertising?

Suffice it to say that nearly 80% of consumers would rather buy a product of company advertising in a video featuring content interesting to them. And there is a big chance of ad exposure – in the announcements,  in the live broadcast, the retransmission by  VOD or in the event’s recap video.

The form of advertising alone is also rich – from banners located on-site, through branding of live stream website, posting advertising clips to an interactive ad, which would allow to go directly to sponsors’ website.

This allows a full diversification of the promotion area used by an advertiser.
Pick the right direction

Events’ live streaming is still erroneously considered as expensive, adversely affecting attendance and reaching to a narrow audience, even though this service is  widely used in the Western market.

Innovative thinkers are already collecting the results of live streaming marketing potential. The key to success, however, are proven solutions and experienced partner that provides support at every step of the way.

Live stream your event.